Benefit and Tax

Old People’s Benefit

A person who is 70 years old + is eligible to apply for this benefit. Should be a Tuvaluan Citizenship and currently staying in Tuvalu. 

Disability Benefit

This benefits only for Disability Tuvaluan Citizens and Currently staying in Tuvalu.

Business Tax

If you operate, own, partnership of a business, make sure you paying the right amount so….

Room Tax

If you operating a boarding house or hotel, make sure you pay the right amount of tax.

Tuvalu Consumption Tax

Tuvalu Consumption Tax shall be levied….

Presumptive Tax

Presumptive Tax is imposed for each quarter on a person carrying on a business. 

Personal Tax

If you’re earning any sort of income, you have to pay tax. Make sure you’re paying…..

If you wish to get a tax refund:

Employees should write a request letter to the Director of Inland Revenue and attach his or her payslip to refund his or her tax.

The Department of Inland Revenue staff will receive the letter and carry out the assessment process for the applicants request.

After the Assessment, they will give to the treasury Dept. for payout.