Minister of Finance and Economic Development

Honourable Seve Paeniu

Hon Seve Paeniu was elected to the Parliament of Tuvalu in the 2019 Tuvaluan general election to represent the Nukulaelae electorate. He was appointed as the Minister of Finance and Economic Development. 

Hon. Paeniu attended Nelson College, New Zealand (1983-1984), He graduated from Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zealand with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1987. He went to complete a Master of Arts degree in Economics in 1995 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

He served as Assistant Planning Officer with the Tuvalu Ministry of Finance from May 1988 to August 1989. In September 1989 he became the Ministry’s Director of Planning, serving until December 1993. He was also Economic Consultant with the Asian Development Bank for the Republic of Marshall Island.

As the Minister of Finance, he acts as the governor of the National Bank of Tuvalu, and he represents the government of Tuvalu on the board of directors of the Tuvalu Trust Fund. He also represents Tuvalu on boards of governors of the Asian Development Bank.